About Me

“We must become the change we want to see in the world”

Usha Oliver is an internationally renowned speaker, and training and development consultant who is passionate about uncovering potential, especially that which is latent. Her motivational style is inspiring, entertaining and aims to encourage clients to ‘look beyond their comfort zones and step out with confidence’.

Usha’s previous experience in various roles in government spanning two decades has given her transferrable skills that have proved crucial and invaluable to Dare to Dream. Her role of Communication and Marketing Manager at the Voluntary Centre, Westminster, was instrumental in formulating their marketing and communication strategies. As Training and Development Manager, Usha has assisted in the formulation of organisational training strategies and developing leadership courses for senior management teams across the entire organisation.

Usha’s success lies in her ability to be honest yet positive, and her desire is that every attendee will gain new and relevant information, reach their full potential, and acquire any necessary paradigm shift. Thus enabling them to stretch their boundaries and conquer self-limiting beliefs.