Conflict and Forgiveness

Daniel McFarland argues that forgiveness is not giving up, but is rather an acknowledgement of the past and a willingness to move on in a new way for the benefit of both sides. This is superior to revenge, he maintains, because revenge only continues the conflict and the pain. “The more common misconception is that by performing acts of revenge, one’s hurt will go away. This notion blocks people from coming out of their pain and moving on.” McFarland, 1995

The seminar and workshop will travel through people’s areas of pain and conflict but the recommendation would be for small groups instead of a large seminar. The outcome of these seminars would be to identify underlying concerns and working through them individually, if possible. The ideal would be to work on a 1-2-1 basis but if this is not possible, a group of not more than 5 is recommended to get the best results.